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Give me a call, email or fill out the form below with your enquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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  • How is best to contact you?
    However is best for you! Call, text, email, live chat, Instagram message, or fill in my get in touch page on my website. I look forward to being able to help!
  • How do I care for my flowers?
    On your flowers will be a care card. Please follow all of those details to ensure you get the most out of your pretty petals. If you have any questions then please pop me a message!
  • How do I find out where and when your next Pop-Up is?
    My Pop-Up schedule is on my website. I will update this monthly adding all details of location and timings. If you would like flowers in-between one of my Pop-Ups then please send me a message.
  • What if I cant get to a Pop-Up?
    I know how busy everyone is, so the timings of my Pop-Ups wont work for all. If you can't pop down to see the Horsebox then just drop me a message. I am always keeping bouquets and bunches by for my customers who would prefer to collect. I do also offer local delivery so if you would prefer that, just enquire for my delivery availability.
  • How do I pay at a Pop-Up?
    I accept cash and have a contactless card reader. So if you are like me and always leave your purse at home and just have your phone....come and get some pretty flowers!
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